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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. big traffic troubles, what is expected to happen in the next few minutes? they are tapered off but that storm that blew through
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the bay area left behind quite a bit of damage, we will show you what people are doing to prepare for the next round of rain. that is going to be a double header even this morning, still getting a semi, and it might even be stronger especially with wind gusts. live in san jose, 20 people including children are coming through, we will tell you about the impact and what investigators are saying. complete bay area news starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are live in san rafael, we have been showing you sandbags in san rafael. get ready for possible flooding with the rain we are receiving and then we are getting more sometimes in the night and early morning and we will check in with steve for the exact
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details, alex savage, we will check in with him in a moment. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> there is a lot of rain and more is come something in. >> that is correct. tomorrow at this time we will be rocking and rolling and we still have a winter weather advisory and the low is moving north and the heavier rain will be to the north. we have 20 to 25 for some, a few others with this next storm will be closer and it will upgrade. we will get a one inch plus rainfall in years and it looks like things are winding down and northern napa county as
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well, cordelia, american canyon, marin county is still back, san rafael, mill valley, not a lot but also a little bit in the east bay, hit and miss there. overall, the high wind watch kicks in and it will be a high watch but it might be a little cooler. rainfall projections are really good through sunday morning and they will be heavier through monterey. one thing i want to show you as we get towards friday and it will pick up, watch as we get towards friday and we'll see gustels anywhere from 15 to 20 miles per hour just heads-up. it will be breezy and windy. here is more.
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we are still looking at the big-rig in santa clara county which has overturned and closed highway 101 and these are live pictures of the closures. if you are driving through morgan hill, you will see the detour, northbound 101 is following an opening and chp is reportedly about to open after a big-rig spilled thousands of gallons on to the highway and they are shut down more than several lanes. tara moriarty is following late breaking developments coming up at 7:30 coming up at the bottom of the hour. there has been an overturning
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and the trash is terrible coming from highway 5. you should give yourself extra time and a lot of people are late and you will see a lot of people all of a sudden crowding dublin. 6:04 this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and we are blocking a 15 minute drive time and you will see traffic that will be slowed on to the bridge. for the most part, the next round of storms, that is tomorrow morning and al level savage, live in san rafael, we have sandbags out there, there you are. people are getting ready for that storm that is coming? >> yes, they certainly are and we are getting a little bit of light rain as we pick up into tonight and tomorrow. in all
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likelihood, this is one of their sandbags and this is fire station number 2 in san rafael. they have the bags and shuffles and -- shovels and people will ban them to protect against flooding. this storm left behind a mess in some spots. here in marin county it triggered flooding and in that same area, a large free came down, near highway 1 and marshal. that tree came down on top of power lines and that's something we saw quite a bit all around the bay area because we had high winds topping 50 miles per hour and those downed trees and they will deal with rain related problems over the
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next five days. >> we will be anticipating the area possibly be saturated and you do see in conditions like that, even healthy trees will come down. >> page page says -- pg&e in most cases they say 13% are caused by downed trees and it can even be the healthy trees that can cause issues so they are expecting quite a few problems and the they are ready to -- and they are ready to go. even at fire station -- [ technical difficulties, stand by ] >> all right, 0 -- alex we will pick it up from here. many areas where locations and homeowners were worried about flooding if you want more information log on to our website just click on the web links. the wet weather was a major problem at fso.
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we want to take you out there live just to check in this morning and from what we understand. they were mostly understanding and 47 of them were able to make it out. just a reminder, you can get the weather forecast and it has a weather app and we have live forecast available for android users. people are without homes after a fire broke out this morning. it happened in south san jose at a town home come plex. joining us live, what is the latest on the situation? good morning, janine. >> reporter: take a look, two cars are completely destroyed and so it is one of these town -- so is one of these town home
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units. firefighters say it handed out side of this area. in this cell phone you can see flames and smoke coming from the town home near snell. one of the residents called after seeing it. it took five firefighters to help and they all got out safely but the damage to the complex was extent search. >> we lost baby pictures, family members, everything we owned from living here from hawaii and back everything is gone. >> one unit was completely destroyed and the red cross is helping families and they are being put into hotels and emergency money for food and clothing. at this point they don't think
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the fire is suspicious but they don't have a cause and it is still under investigation. right now there is a crew who is still finishing up and putting up boards to make sure nobody comes back in here. it is also possible they will come back and assist. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. last night's emergency landing, the jet was filled with smoke and everybody on board was forced to evacuate. please leave all of your belongings, we will let you back on when we have cleared out the plane. >> one of the passengers shot the video we are looking at and you can see the chaos moments after the delta flight landed at oakland airport, as smoke filled the cabin, pass.were told leave all of your
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belongings behind. delta says nobody was hurt and passengers were allowed back on 20 minutes later get their belongings. the investigation into the cause continues. one of the two men pled guilty to beating bryan stow will remain behind bars. a judge asked him to remain in custody in an unrelated weapons case until the trial begins. the judge said norwood is a flight risk and danger to society. he was sentenced to four years in prison for beating bryan stow and he could have been released sooner due to the time he had already served in the bryan stow case. he has five years left in his 8 year sentence. bryan stow was attending in santa cruz honoring two fallen police officers. bryan stow was a paramedic from the santa cruz area and he was among the large crowd which
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came out to honor sergeant loran butch baker and officer elizabeth butler one year after they were killed in the line of duty. officers are touched by the large turnout. >> i feel the community is saying we are still here with you and we are all in this together and we will not forget about them. >> the new badge for the santa cruz fire department was unveiled at yesterday's memorial and has the new badge numbers for the officers killed and end of watch dates. police in palo alto may be able to provide an agreement to allow off-duty officers to work at the new stadium. it will not be used to calculate overtime or benefits. the city of clark will provide -- of santa clara will provide
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help for officers. they are looking for drought relief and what that money will be used for. plus the changes made to the boston marathon and what they will be banned from carrying after last year's deadly bombing. wet roads and we have a tough commute already, highway 4 is slow coming over the hill and we will tell you more about drive times and ultimate routes. things are winding down, don't get used to it. there is another system on the way and also a better system for wind gusts coming up.
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. they made at least two visits to the area where caylee slusher lived. police were called to the home after a neighbor said they were worried she was not being fed. they pled not guilty for beating the three-year-old to death and hiding her body in a freezer. they made last year's shooting rampage at a checkpoint and a police dispatcher received a call
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about the shooting and did not know where to send officers. that is because they they were not sure about it. runners, they will not be allowed to carry clothing to either the starting line or finish line and instead they will be allowed to check in their gear in special approved bags on the morning of the race. those with large bags will be searched. it is scheduled for april 21st april 21st. and patrolling in oakland, they are coming to an end. it is not profitable to stay on the job. they fan armed robbers
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targeting rumors. but the company will not extend the contract. they are planning on it. they are reducing the number of pedestrians and buys lists hit and there have been five in the last two months 21 for the last year. tonight's public forum will be held on polk and busch, the event begins at 6:30, a popular street artist has died. known as the bush man, he was a popular fixer for almost 50 years. he will hide behind those bushes and branches and they pop out for unsuspected tourists. cheers from the small crowds
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will gather around watching him and the reaction to him. now we don't have any word on how mr. jacobs died but memorial services were scheduled for next week. >> i never was scared by him. didn't it come across, sal? >> i did. one of my photographers told me to watch so we stood on the corner and watched for tourists and some people screamed. >> some fun reactions. >> yes. right. good morning everybody, let's look at the morning commute and traffic is moving well in some areas and not so well in others. morgan hill, we have that closure because of the gasoline tanker, we have been on it all morning, she will have another live report, south bound 101 is still closed and it is still passed the scene, people are looking at the other side of
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the freeway and let's move on after the bay bridge toll plaza and in san francisco, we are also looking at a commute now that's okay now on highway 24 and it's about an 8 to 10 minute drive on the tunnel. good morning, good morning. >> a little bit of rain coming back in and it is here with last night's system and the next one is howling across and this will be very impressive. last night was good, record rest figure almost two if you have a arraign total i will do
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my best to get you on the air. we have .102 and this is 100% of normal. in the last four months it was more than double in february what has fallen in the last several months. up towards mendocino, nothing too heavy but steady and parts of marin county as well to mill valley right over to richmond and back over to fairfield up towards cordelia and cassie jean tweeted me said nothing here, oh, i spoke too soon, it is raining. up in san francisco, there is a a little bit and also around mt. diablo and also brentwood you may get a little bit of rain. finally rain turned to snow and it goes until 4:00 and it does not look like a lot but we will take it. winter weather advisories, we
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have a high wind watch and it will be a warning, we have no doubt about it, we have a south breeze or southwest breeze for some. and it's going to be a rather blustery day and the many code could get blasted by this and main the first one inch rainfall for the first 2011. 60s on the temperatures up closer to the coast and today is that in between day and we have some morning rain and that will give way to rain wind and saturday will be better but mostly cloudy, and it looks
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like monday dry. and they are up two shares, they are returning the profit to the 4th quarter. time now 6:22 a bizarre attempted murder case, the weapon was a speeding car and targeted total string jersey. we will show you more and why it is considered a big deal.
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. those labels you see on food could be getting a makeover after 20 years. they are -- years, they are including bigger and bolder type and serving sizes will be updated to make them more realistic. it will include write month -- vitamin d and how much sugar, yet another label change and they agreed to back a state law that will require warning labels on soda and energy
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drinks and added sweeteners. they are expected to decide if those drinks should be hit with an extra tax. you can vote for your favorite contestant. >> viewers who use google search and facebook will use it rather than waiting for it to end. they will use it per contestant. we will find out which contestant will be eliminated and one of the fingers is still in the running and you can catch american idle right here on channel 2. prevent being transit strikes, bart's board meeting and what transit officials want them to give them. we are live in morgan hill where a tanker truck has spilled onto the roadway, homes
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have been evacuated and we will let you know southbound 101.
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. welcome back the opening bell, a lot of stocks to watch, particularly the retailers, we told you about best buy returning to profits and i have to tell you, analystels are very concerned about jc penny if there is a big economic shock and kohl's are better than expected. seers posted a lot bash sears posted a lot but not as bad aspected. thursday, february 2 th, i am dave clark . i guess your
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son works for plaque rock? >> prepping the bell. >> that was him if. >> not him, works for him. they said it is coming down here and the marina looks good and the system is coming in and we are looking even stronger in the wind department and they are going to be very strong gusts and heavy rain down the santa cruz mountains. you can see right over the richmond district right over the bay bridge and marin county going over san pablo bay, around vacaville, up north, they are little bit further north and light rain around highway 4, oakland, a little shout out, you have that breeze and it feels a lot cooler, so
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this next one feels impressive and it's going to be because it is going to ramp up the way, partly cloudy after breezily and rain, here is sal. it is still a little rain out there, i just got a tweet from brandy who said it is windy on the venetia bridge and she said oh, snap very windy on the venetia bridge, thank you brandy and be careful out there. >> s backed up on that span too all the way out to the mcarthur maze 20, 25 minutes all the way back to san francisco. it is wet there as well. and we have a look at the san mateo traffic and it is wet
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there too. 580 is still slow coming in to the did you print area. big problems all southbound lanes are still blocked after a drainage ditch, tara moriarty is on the scene and has caused some evacuations. tara? we are getting a good look at the car that caused all of this, it set off this chain reaction and we pan over to the right and that's where the tanker truck is right up against that fence and right there are the homes that had to be evacuated 14 in total and 101 is shut down and chp was trying to open it but that didn't happen and we did see quite a few drivers just before 6:00 and they were given tickets so don't try to get on, you will get into trouble and chp says around 1:00, he hit
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the center divide and they swerved to miss and chp said at least 4,000 gallons of gas possibly into a train and he possibly refueled and he was told about 8,000 gallons and now they are trying lesson any environmental impact. and it's south of the spill and the spill going into the drain was an unknown amount. >> the tanker truck driven was taken and emergency services and the coast guard are creating area ponds and they will not be ale loud to come back and back here live you can see firefighters are out here live and they set up a command
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post an it will be some time and the odor, the smell of the gasoline has quited just a little bit and they are siphoning into the tanker from the other truck and you can see the man standing to your left and we posted it will be cleared until they can get at least one lane open, if we pan over northbound 101 people are causing to see what happened on morgan hill area and as part of the morgan hill commute. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> under this morning's storm watch. the heavy rain is tapering off and people are cleaning up from last night's storm.
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they are out there and showing us how to get ready for the storm. >> we are in between these two storms though we have seen some light rain and still people here in marin county know more rain is on the way into the evening and friday and they are certainly worried about the possibility of friday and a lot of people will be stopping by this sandbag station trying to make sure they can as more heads this way. the storm left a mess in a lot of areas and the rain triggered a lot of flooding just to the south last night and up in that same area there was a large  tree that came down last night along highway 1 near marshal and that tree came down on top of some power lines. that same situation played out yesterday with this storm because the wind gusts toured
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and a lot of those downed trees led to power outages and we are dealing with all of the rain related problems and outages over the next couple of days. as they change, they will be ready to ramp up if necessary to order to deploy the hardest hit areas. >> in fact pg&e says scattered power outages are around the north bay with 750 customers currently in the dark. marin count tip, this is the sandbag filling station, fire station number 2 near central san rafael, and you can stop by at any point to fill up some of these sandbags and use them to protect your home and right on cue, it begins to rain a little bit harder and more heavy rain
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late into friday and a lot of people want to be prepared for that. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, alex now it will not be enough for 14%. it will take more and that was previously the worst drought here in california. they are expected to vote today on a million dollar drought relief plan for the state. they passed the bills yesterday just days after the proposal was announced by governor brown and the legislative leaders. most will go to conservation and recycling projects and it is $15 million for those with
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dangerously low water supplies and calls to increased penalties for illegal water diversions. another thing we should get the latest on how the drought is affecting the snow pack in california and another snow survey will be convicted. he is just 20% and they are doing what they k. he intentionally rammed his car into a stranger's home. it happened in campbell. police say the driver may have been going 60 miles per hour when he smashed his car into a home that he apparently picked at random. the driver was not alone in the car and a woman and her two young children were inside. >> witnesses heard the engine rev and the vehicle attempt to accelerate that combined with
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statements made led us to believe this was intentional and he was trying harm the occupants of the vehicle. >> women and her children were checked out and then released, people inside the house were not hurt. campbell police arrested the driver and identified him as anthony mcsherie and drive driving united states the influence. oop. >> they are trying tonight ban them and here is more on how the public would like to get involved. >> they are not taking for granted the bart trains are running and bart had to go on strike twice last year crippling 400,000 daily riders
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and one will propose whether bart strikes will be allowed in the future and bart board president joe keller plans on leading one, what he proposes is to ask voters whether they should allow this, two walked off twice and tens of thousands are moving, here have what they had to say. >> i always side with labor over management. i really think they are being large children. >> now, last weekend, in the contra costa times, he said he wants to am lou voters to send a message that the current must
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be changed. he goes on to say he believes there needs to be assist and they planned oop having 5 and jim, they hope the public turns out and let's their voices be heard as well as others, it begins at the keizer center in oakland and coming up on mornings on 2, we will gather more reaction from riders and whether they plan on attending tonight. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. some brave convenience store workers, the incredible video you will not want to miss. a fire broke out at a town home come plex, we will tell you how many people it affected and what investigaters are
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saying about this. good morning, we are still looking at a commute which is slow, although it is better than it was with the rain especially yesterday evening and right now traffic is a little bit slow and we will tell you where the driver lines are open and we will tell you when we will have more rain.
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map. almost 20 people were displaced and telling us about the impact of what happened, good morning, janine. we are here at snell in back of the town home come plex and you can see the devastation there is just piles and piles of debris and many of the families who lived here are now gone. look at the cell phone video it just started at 1230 the fire
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spread and there were people inside and they all escaped before emergency crews arrived. it took an hour to get it under control. we spoke to one woman who quickly ran out of her home with her 22 month old girl and 5 month old child. it is more emotional at this point, i mean we have all lost a lot of things, nobody expects for this to happen to them. >> the red cross is helping all four families that are affected by the fire, they are being put in hotels and and they are conducting interviews and at this point they don't think the fire is suspicious but they are still not ruling anything out
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and we might see that investigator come back out now that we are starting to see daylight just so they can go through piles of debris, reporting live, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> it was all caught on video and it happened on san pablo, the guy walks in and points his gun at the clerk and reached over and grabbed the gun right there. a second store employer walked in and immediately took a take down move like a pro wrestler right there. he tackled him and took him down to the ground. >> i didn't even think twice about it. >> williams held that man until
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the police arrived. they may give him a metal for his bravery however they don't they don't approve of approaching anybody with a gun. a new twist, the disturbing messages scrawled in one of the most elite neighborhoods. in just a few hours a new satellite will be launched in japan the big focus of the data it will collect, the lack of precipitation here in california and hugs for sale? we will tell you how a sacramento business area hopes to cash in on cuddles. those stories on the morning
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news. coming up. things are happening, you are still following this up in the bay. southbound 101 in tenants morgan hill and we have some decent pictures of it. southbound 101 is still shut down after trying to unload the gasoline and trying siphon it into a new tanker truck and on the left people are slowing down. you know how people are, there is a huge traffic jam on northbound 101 coming up to the scene because this is not something you see every day but northbound in the commute direction, we are hurting there and there is the car that started it all. that black car lost it all and yes, that car according to chp scarted the whole thing. this is a look at the bay
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bridge toll plaza and it's backed up for a 25 men drive time and somebody said we don't get a break from the rain, just to clarify that. no major problems and this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland and that traffic is fine, now let's go to steve. we are getting some rain, and santa rosa almost at 1.57, also tweeting in vallejo, mountain view san jose at 8.570, ben low men, two and a half, lexington reservoir, they almost had it, and that was the
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official station at drug hill and we have doubled what we had in february what they had in the last seven months in san francisco and it's about time. san leandro getting rain, some of that and coming over the bay bridge. >> to the north as well, we are still spinning in some rain and it will be backtracking out of here and will be final about 9:00. until 4:00 there is an advisory, 50s on the temperatures and that breeze may make it feel cooler, one system moves out and it looks very impressive to me and there is a lot going on wind speeds
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will training up and i think south and the wind speeds, they will be there when you start to see, late tonight tomorrow, high wind watch for us, there is going to be some howling conditions and then it is out of here, 50s and 60s on the temperatures, there may even be some breaks. we have another system after this morning rain and it looks crazy to me. a scare in contra costa between a 9-year-old girl and a
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stranger. a new threat to a southern california neighborhood one of the biggest wildfires in history.
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. sam's club is sending out
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printer cart tragedies and better competing, live look down 23 points, and we have something here call add battery factory for nevada and texas and and it makes lithium eye on batteries and they would need up to 6,000 workers. be extra careful going to class. a stranger in a van drove to the school's drop off zone an offered her a ride. the little girl refused and she described the man as an african- american man in his 30s, had green eyes and wore a white 49ers cap. he was driving a blue colored van. and in southern california,
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those areas had been burned by wild fighters. they are stocking up on sandbags and man store torii -- mandatory bags were used for those areas burned. at 4:30 the order has just been lifted, shut down highway 101 and forced evacuations. raining in parts of bay area and the preparations people are rushing to make before the next big storm tomorrow morning, stay right here with us.
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>> reporter: we're live in morgan hill -- near morgan hill where you can see 101 southbound is still shut down after a tanker crashed. we'll tell you how long it could be before this is open again. >> reporter: one storm has blown through the bay area, leaving us with scattered showers this morning. but more heavy rain is on the way. a lot of people will be filling up sandbags today to try to prevent flooding here in marin county. we'll tell you about the preparations underway and show you some of the damage from yesterday's storm. everything else


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